Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flores Mexican Restaurant - Gas City Indiana - Possibly the Worst Mexican Food I Have Ever Choked Down

I was hopeful going in. Plenty of small towns have Mexican families open up restaurants and serve great food.

Peeked in the kitchen - no mexicans. Not a good sign for Flores Family Mexican Restaurant.

Food was plentiful, but tasted like a bad buffet. The "steak" in the steak taco's reminded me of the old Cheers gag - beefalo, the fake beef. Processed and formed bits of some type of meat with soy vegetable protein. Insanely bad.

Beans were ok, rice was that nasty spanish rice the lunch ladies served you.

Staff was nice, place was clean, food was TERRIBLE. Any positive review of this place is either from the owner or from someone who has never had decent mexican food.

Wine Spectator - Not What it Used to Be

I subscribe to WS - Thanks Dad!

However, somewhere over the years the made a dreadful change

No More Bad Wine Reviews!

You know, the wines that rated in the 70's or lower. The ones that just dished the dirt. I loved those!

Probably dropped it because of pressure from the industry - I don't think they inflate ratings - just don't report the really bad wines. Which is a loss.

Of course, WS has not fallen as far as Gourmet, but still.