Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kwik Trip - Lake Hallie (53 and 29)

A newer store, conveniently located just off the new bypass. Has both gas and diesel terminals. However, no restaurant, just their coffee area and reheated food.
No WiFi, no seating area. Just your clean, fast moving, well stocked modern Kwik Trip. Staff is nice, plenty of pumps.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Subway - Chippewa Falls

Subway in Chippewa Falls - on Woodward Ave is a good subway. Good in comparison to other subways, that is.
Clean, quick service, updated counter, they put out what you expect. Gloppy bread with a ton of things you can put on top. I went for the Chicken Breast, pepperjack cheese, toasted, with everything, topped with the sweet onion dressing. No Chips.
Very filling, reasonably tasty, $5. Good enough to go again, but not something you dream about

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshfield Hardees - Old and Tired, Just like the Chain

Hardees in Marshfield is an older model - looks a little tired, even though it is clean, it just doesn't seem clean. Parking lot pavement has almost gone to gravel, outside is tired, tables inside were old 20 years ago. Plus, having your server wearing a polo with stains just doesn't build confidence.

The food is typical of all Hardees. I ordered the original thickburger with regular (not curly) fries. Burger was overdone (as is usual) and salty. Bun is not sturdy enough for all the sloppy fillings (which is why they wrap it in waxed paper). Fries were ok, but I did not finish them all, which makes them fair at best. Tasted the burger and onions all afternoon, even after chewing a piece of Orbits mint gum.

Bathroom was clean, eating area clean, trash was not over flowing, they had a staff person out wiping up tables, so that's all good.

They even have brought back the big twin, so everything old is still old.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kwik Trip - Black River Falls Version

Kwik Trip, How I Love Thee - Black River Falls - Interstate Version

Everywhere I drive, always open, no fee ATM's, and the infamous Mountain Dew Freezie This version is a Truck Stop version - big area for diesel, has a kitchen so it carries more than just you warm up foods the rest of them sell, and best of all - FREE WIFI! I know you Starbuck snobs will sniff, but for your average small town gas station - a place to sit, refuel and log on to the internet makes it pretty special.

On the down side - it's a little old and showing it's teeth. Bathrooms have that old smell, and its just not up to the usual kwik trip clean standards that the new ones have. Also the food they have is below average also. On the plus side, you can always get fresh fruit and veggies rather than the gut bombs. Definitely a good place to stop, but could use some updating.

Torn between 4 and 5 stars - WiFi at a gas station is nice, plus a place to sit. However, it has to be 4 stars because of the age and upkeep. Not dirty per se, but just old. Still, high value for the money makes it a great stop. Did I say I love the free wifi?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now for Good Food in Eau Claire

Try Taqueria Sandoval

Great Mexican Food

Three items - Tacos, burritos and Tortas - all great. Variety of meats (beef, pork, chicken, steak, tongue, sheep). napoles, Mexican Beers and Soda. Plus they make a great horchata and excellent salsas you can buy and take home.

I have had the tongue, sheep, pastor (marinated chicken) and the steak.

It's not your average mexican restaurant - it's where all those mexican employees of those restaurants go to get real food. Pretty funny seeing them line up for food while wearing thier uniforms from those restaurants.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Green Mill Restaurant - Could Pizza Be Any Worse?

Green Mill Restaurant - Eau Claire Edition

Perhaps the worst pizza I have ever had - rivaling under cooked frozen pizza. Bad undercooked frozen pizza.

I appreciate food based on price paid. $1 for a frozen pizza - doesn't have to be very good to be acceptable.

$22 for a pizza (plus drinks and tip $36) it should be pretty good - in fact, it should be the best in the city.

The order - One large, classic crust, spinach and garlic, portabella mushroom and prosciutto pizza (plus mango push up slushie and a Sam Adams Summer Ale)

The good - the mushrooms were fresh, the prosciutto was a decent size and taste

The bad - everything else, especially the crust. Pizza all depends on the crust - and I like all types - deep dish, New York style, crisp, whatever. But I want what I ordered. In this case, the classic crust - advertised as a "cracker", i.e. crispy crust, it came soft, bland and floppy. The only way to eat it was with a knife and fork, or New York style. Which is fine, IFt it tastes good and IF it's what I ordered - Also - the spinach garlic mix - Frozen spinach thawed and someone whispers garlic over it? JUST SAY NO! For $36 i expect fresh spinach, chopped and sauteed with garlic.

Overall, this dining experience is an F. Not recommended.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missing the point, again

Pyromaniacs: The-Holy-Spirit, not-the-Bible dodge (NEXT! #14)

It's not that biblidolatry leaves no room for the Holy Spirit - it's that it attempts to limit, box in, control God. After all, the bible can be studied, classified, theologized. The Holy Spirit is uncontrollable by you and I. And that is a frighting thought