Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Food Made of Love - A Grandfathers Sandwich

Food Made of Love - this is the first article that I read that really gets it.

Almost exactly 16 years after that day, I thought of my grandfather and that bologna sandwich again. It happened just last week, as I sat, staring out the window of another airplane, looking over the cloud cover.

How to Wield a Knife

Great article from the Atlantic - I am appreciating the food section more and more.

Great Conclusion

No matter how much care you take, if you spend lots of time cutting meat you will cut yourself severely at some time or another. Often you will do so just when your first aid kit has hit bottom. No matter! If you have paper towels and plastic wrap handy, you have all the necessary first aid to get you to a hospital, or, less desirable, to the end of your shift. Simply wash the cut to remove any parts that don't belong to you and then wrap quickly with paper towels and plastic wrap, tightly if the cut is bad and you're on the way to the hospital, and less snug to make it through your shift without your injured extremity falling asleep.

It's my sincere hope that some of you out there will be able to avoid spilling your own blood at the expense of my own. Stay awake. Stay aware. Keep the plastic wrap handy.