Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is There Fellowship In Church Without Love?

And What Does Love Look Like in Fellowship?

The Nine Marks has a nice series on the church, with lesson six being on Fellowship. One of the interesting things is they do not talk about pot lucks, small groups, singing or any other action. All they focus on is Love.

Fellowship: Building a Bond of Unity

"Living as a Church"—Class 6

For the first few weeks of this class, we looked at some of the key building blocks of a healthy New Testament church. We explored the essential attributes of the church and considered how each of those fosters unity. We also thought about how we, as individual members, can promote unity.

Over the next two weeks, we turn to a different set of questions: How should church members relate to one another? What should their relationships look like? What does it mean to have healthy relationships in the church? Why should we care?

I. Love, and why it's important

So how should Christians relate to one another? What should characterize their relationships? The Bible actually has a lot to say about this, and the answer is pretty simple: Christians are to love.

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