Saturday, December 19, 2009

Red Beans (and Sweet Potato) and Rice

Well, it's Red Beans and Rice again this weekend - the family loves it.

Somewhat different - Daughter #3 is not a fan of ham/sausage. So, an almost vegetarian version.

I started with this recipe, but added some variations, not the least of which, it may be meatless, but it is not vegetarian.

To start, I like to chop my vegetables - I don't mind if you can see the celery in my RBnR. The onion cooks down, but the celery has a tendency to maintain it's shape and color. That works for me.

Second, I cut the spices way down because my family won't eat it spicy.

Third, and our family favorite - Sweet Potatoes! I add 1 sweet potato, 1 inch dice when cooking. It gets very soft, and starts to disintegrate. It also adds a little sweetness to the RBnR.

And finally, I use chicken stock instead of water. That pretty much kills the vegan thing.

I have never used the liquid smoke before, but it works well in this - i think because usually the ham hock and/or bacon usually carry that. - Side note - Why do so many vegan dishes do things to fake the meat? Answer - because meat is good.

Oh well, I will fry up some smoked sausage to serve on the side - it's all good, my daughter's happy, and so is everyone else.

Red Beans and Rice - truly a great dish.

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