Saturday, November 12, 2016

HMR Pancakes - Phase 2 - The new, the improved, the awesome

Or so my wife says.  She also said write down the recipe now!  So here it is.


Bowl 1 - the dry
3 apples, peeled, cored, diced fine
2 Multi-grain HMR cereal
2 HMR 70 Shakes
1 tbs baking powder
1/2 cup quick cook/instant oatmeal (no sugar added!)

Bowl 2 - the wet
1 banana mashed
1/2 oz dried cranberries - no sugar added!  Just dried!  No Craisens!
1 tbs Vanilla extract
1/2 tbs Almond extract
1/2 cup water
Let sit 5 minutes for the cranberries to rehydrate


Mix Bowl 1 up
Mix Bowl 2 up
Add Bowl 2 to Bowl 1, mixing with silicone spatula

You are looking for a fairly dry mix, very chunky - not liquidy

Having said that, 1/2 cup of water will likely not be enough

Let sit 5 minutes for the oatmeal/cereal to absorb the water.  Add more as needed, understanding this is a fairly dry (think brownie thick)

Heat non-stick pan on stove at medium heat - DONT USE A VERY HOT PAN.  These pancakes both burn easy and need a while to cook through.  So you need a medium heat pan to accomplish this

Add pancake mix to pan in whatever size pancake you like.  I recomend mushing out the center of the pancake so it spreads out - the center takes the longest to cook, so you don't want it thickest there.

When the pancake mix bubbles up, the bubbles burst - AND STAY OPEN - that is when it is time to flip.  Otherwise the pancakes will be too wet.

To calculate the calories, cook all the pancakes and divide by the total calories.  The size I make them come in at about 65 calories each.  Four pancakes is one shake and one fruit, at about 260 calories.

The extra I cool down, then put on a waxed paper lined baking sheet, then put in freezer.  After frozen, bag in freezer bags.

They reheat well in either the toaster or the microwave.

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