Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pressure Cooker Chili - easy and great

First, read this, which is Alton Brown's recipe - mine is simply changes additions to.

Changes -

Meat - I use 3lbs chuck roast. Feel free to use other meats as Alton suggests

Beer - not a favorite for me - i substitute low sodium chicken stock.

If you use chicken stock (store bought) drop salt - the stock will provide all you need.

Additions -

1 cube semi-sweet cooking chocolate - add's a very interesting, and mexican, addition. Smooths and deepens the flavor.

Beans - yes, I like them. I had 3 cans of whatever - black, red, pink, white. Drain and rinse first, add when chili comes out of the pressure cooker.

Don't Drop

The chipotle peppers and adobe sauce - the heat will cook down - great flavor.

Tortilla Chips - they really thicken the sauce, add great consistency - many chili's end up being meat and beans in a watery sauce - the chips really make the sauce part great.

Great recipe - not that long to cook since you are using a pressure cooker and salsa, and will make you seem like a chili god at your office chili cook-offs.

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