Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aldi's Coffee Review Part Deux - Donut Store Blend

After the last fiasco with Aldi's Coffee, where I threw out the cat poop after one cup, I tried a different blend  - Aldi's Donut Store Blend, Whole Bean.  It's a good thing I bought them at the same time, because the first try was so awful.

So - Donut Store Blend.  A pale to medium roast - quite variable between beans.  I ground in our burr grinder fairly fine, then brewed in our drip brewer.  While it is a blonde roast, if  you use enough, it still brews strong.  Daughter #3 liked it well enough black, but it had enough body to taste decent with cream.  Daughter #1's response was a shrug - eh, ok.

So - overall, a decent brew for the cost ($4.99 for 12 oz whole beans).  Not my favorite, but drinkable.

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Matt McCann said...

A few weekends ago I picked up a Bunn G3 commercial burr grinder at a flea market for $50. I took it apart thinking it would be a mess inside, but it was very clean and the burrs are still in great shape - score! So I've finally got the ability to try whole bean offerings. I had been buying a pound per week at a boutique roaster to the tune of about $9 a pound and grinding it there. Like you, I adore Aldi. They had 2 varieties of whole bean; both "100% Arabica" and both "medium roast". One was the one you tried; Donut Store Blend. The other I think was called "Morning Roast". I prepared both the exact same way (French press) to see which one I liked better. Honestly could not tell which was which. They taste exactly the same. Neither was what I would consider medium roast. Much more like a city roast. They have decent body and pleasant taste. You're not going to wow anyone with this coffee, but it is very drinkable.