Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kwik Trip - Black River Falls Version

Kwik Trip, How I Love Thee - Black River Falls - Interstate Version

Everywhere I drive, always open, no fee ATM's, and the infamous Mountain Dew Freezie This version is a Truck Stop version - big area for diesel, has a kitchen so it carries more than just you warm up foods the rest of them sell, and best of all - FREE WIFI! I know you Starbuck snobs will sniff, but for your average small town gas station - a place to sit, refuel and log on to the internet makes it pretty special.

On the down side - it's a little old and showing it's teeth. Bathrooms have that old smell, and its just not up to the usual kwik trip clean standards that the new ones have. Also the food they have is below average also. On the plus side, you can always get fresh fruit and veggies rather than the gut bombs. Definitely a good place to stop, but could use some updating.

Torn between 4 and 5 stars - WiFi at a gas station is nice, plus a place to sit. However, it has to be 4 stars because of the age and upkeep. Not dirty per se, but just old. Still, high value for the money makes it a great stop. Did I say I love the free wifi?

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