Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshfield Hardees - Old and Tired, Just like the Chain

Hardees in Marshfield is an older model - looks a little tired, even though it is clean, it just doesn't seem clean. Parking lot pavement has almost gone to gravel, outside is tired, tables inside were old 20 years ago. Plus, having your server wearing a polo with stains just doesn't build confidence.

The food is typical of all Hardees. I ordered the original thickburger with regular (not curly) fries. Burger was overdone (as is usual) and salty. Bun is not sturdy enough for all the sloppy fillings (which is why they wrap it in waxed paper). Fries were ok, but I did not finish them all, which makes them fair at best. Tasted the burger and onions all afternoon, even after chewing a piece of Orbits mint gum.

Bathroom was clean, eating area clean, trash was not over flowing, they had a staff person out wiping up tables, so that's all good.

They even have brought back the big twin, so everything old is still old.

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