Saturday, June 20, 2009

Green Mill Restaurant - Could Pizza Be Any Worse?

Green Mill Restaurant - Eau Claire Edition

Perhaps the worst pizza I have ever had - rivaling under cooked frozen pizza. Bad undercooked frozen pizza.

I appreciate food based on price paid. $1 for a frozen pizza - doesn't have to be very good to be acceptable.

$22 for a pizza (plus drinks and tip $36) it should be pretty good - in fact, it should be the best in the city.

The order - One large, classic crust, spinach and garlic, portabella mushroom and prosciutto pizza (plus mango push up slushie and a Sam Adams Summer Ale)

The good - the mushrooms were fresh, the prosciutto was a decent size and taste

The bad - everything else, especially the crust. Pizza all depends on the crust - and I like all types - deep dish, New York style, crisp, whatever. But I want what I ordered. In this case, the classic crust - advertised as a "cracker", i.e. crispy crust, it came soft, bland and floppy. The only way to eat it was with a knife and fork, or New York style. Which is fine, IFt it tastes good and IF it's what I ordered - Also - the spinach garlic mix - Frozen spinach thawed and someone whispers garlic over it? JUST SAY NO! For $36 i expect fresh spinach, chopped and sauteed with garlic.

Overall, this dining experience is an F. Not recommended.

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