Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aldi's Greek Yogurt - the Review

Yogurt companies decided the next big battle ground is Greek Yogurt.  Basically thickened (by draining) yogurt, good greek yogurt is thicker, creamier and more healthy for you - basically twice the protein and half the carbs.

So everyone is getting into the the game - Yoplait, Dannon as well as of course all the others.  So I was interested to see when Aldi's came out with their own greek yogurt.  Since the retail price (at .89 cents) is far cheaper than the non sale price of all other Greek Yogurts, I had to try it.  It is even cheaper than most on sale greek yogurts.

The deal with Aldi's is that some of the products they label are better than others, some the equal, and some, not so good.  So, which is the Greek Yogurt?

Better than others.  I have tried both of the above (Pineapple and Peach) and they were the equal of others, better than some.  Smooth textured, thick and not too sweet.  Some brands (yes Yoplait, I am talking about you) just make their yogurts kid sweet.  Blech.  Others, not sweet enough.  I think Aldi's gets it just right.  The yogurt tastes like yogurt and the fruit mixture on the bottom is just enough - enough fruit and enough sweet.  Plus, being nonfat, it is just plain good eats.

Links to other reviews include Aldi Mom and My Word.  They both share my opinion.

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Stacy said...

I happened on the Aldi's Greek yogurts too and I am a Chobani freak, right? Well, the Aldi's brand beats Chobani and most of the rest not only in price, but also in taste, texture and the amount of healthy bacteria. Most Greek yogurts have 1 or 2 good strains of bacteria; If you notice, Aldi's has FIVE including Streptococcus thermophilus, one you don't see in cheaper yogurts! PLUS is rBST free, meaning, the dairy product isn't contaminated with added hormones!

A great value for the money and I am glad you enjoyed it!