Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kitchen Appliances That You Will Really Use

And my final Amazon Shopping List

General Observations

I have never been disappointed with Kitchen Aid. If you have to choose between a KA and something else, go with the Kitchen Aid.  As long as you can afford it.  Cuisinart is also a brand that almost always rocks.  

If you are going to bake, you have to have a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  My wife just gave our old classic model to our eldest daughter - 30 years after we bought it, it still works great.  We have moved up to the 7 quart model, which is darn near commercial size.

A pressure cooker is something I wish I had picked up on earlier in life.  You can make many dishes in 30 minutes what would otherwise take hours.  So you can have real homemade chili, with real beef, not ground, in 30 minutes.  Or stew.  Or coq au vin.  

You don't need most appliances. You just don't. But I admit I love some.

There are some things you never need, including a Quesidilla Maker.  Just say no.

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