Friday, November 16, 2012

November Goodies Box - Wins Again

The November box came today - and it has some interesting things - and a lot of them!  Plus a bonus for first subscribers! 

This is the Entertaining made Simple box.  Interesting concept - the idea, I suppose, is that it is things to try that you might have on hand or purchase to impress your guests (or at least please them) without having to go through a lot of work.  With that in mind, that is how I will judge them.

Up First - Biscoff Spread!  What? Interestingly enough, a kind of nutella like thing - a european spread made of cookies and stuff, designed to spread on bread, toast, etc.  Have to try it tomorrow.
Next up, something familar - white cheddar popcorn, from Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn..  Now, I was not impressed this was in the box.  Popped popcorn?  Really?  However....It tastes good.  A little stale, sure, but great taste and not oversalted.  If I saw this in the store, I might buy it.  I would buy it.  Crazy.  I already want back to the bag twice while tasting other items.

Now the next one does not really fit the box - Entertaining made Simple.  It is a chocolate souffle mix - sounds great.  Says it "Includes everything you need to make 2 perfect souffles"  Awesome.

Everything but...
1 Jumbo Egg (who even buys Jumbo Eggs?  I have to go buy a dozen to make two souffles?)
1/4 cup Unsalted Butter, softened, not melted (Not salted butter, unsalted)
Hand Mixer
Ice Cream Scooper
Ok, this is simple?  Everything included?

Bobbysue's Nuts is next - tiny bag.  Ugh.  Nuts with a mission.  Ugh - really?  Doesn't everyone?

However...they taste really good.  Slight sweet, slightly salty, slightly something else.  Ok, I will buy these.  Not sure I would share them however....

Next...Tea?  Pass.  Give it to the daughter.  Plus I am so done with all the seasonal flavored items.


This will be popular in the house - Dark Quinoa Organic Chocolate from Alter Eco (Eco, get it, not Ego, Eco.  Can I just say blech - I am so tired of that advertising schtick) - light crispy crunch as it is made with nutty toasted quinoa.  First smell - very cocoa rich.  And the taste - it's dark, bittersweet chocolate alright.  Plus, it is all those things good foodies are supposed to buy - Vegan, GMO free, soy free, organic, fair trade and carbon neutral.  And saving the Amazon.  If you like dark chocolate you will like this.

Final food item - Cracker Snack - American Vintage Wine Biscuits.  Very interesting.  Thick, kind of like a cookie.  But savory, not sweet.  And while they are not hot, you can tell they have some cayanne pepper in them on the back end.  I bet they would be great with cheese or humus.  I could see putting these out in place of some ritz crackers.

And finally...the bonus for original subscribers -

A 100% Organic Cotton Farmers Market Bag


I can't wait till I go to the Farmers Market with my Walmart Bag.....Really?  Think that will be a welcome sight?

Well, I will be proud to carry it.  Not sure my kids will want to be seen with me, but hey, it's a nice bag.

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