Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Island Bamboo Over the Sink Cutting Board with Colander - the Review

Eight Inch Chef's Knife, Five Small Potatoes
 The Island Bamboo Cutting Board is an interesting idea - A cutting board designed to use over a sink, with a built in silicone strainer.

The strainer is a pop-up kind - it becomes flat for storing the board on it's side (3/4 inch thick, like the board) and then it can "pop" out to different sizes depending on need.  In the picture to the right it is extended all the way down - it is quite deep and can hold a lot of material.

Work in Progress
The strainer is strong enough to hold up a stainless bowl, which is convenient when prepping a number of different vegies.

The board itself is nice - 3/4 inch thick, firm, no flex.  Made of bamboo, it is very strong

The cutting area is a little small for me - I like a bigger work area for my cutting boards.  Although as you can see, my eight inch chef's knife fits easily  diagonally.

This is a great vegie processing tool.  Silicone colander lets you wash, chop and go through a number of vegies.  Also, being silicone, it can be tossed in the dishwasher, even cooked with as a steamer because heat will not degrade it.

I bought mine at Sears, but it is widely available between $29 and $49.  I got mine on sale for $10 with free delivery - a great buy at that price.  Not sure at $49 it would be worth it.  

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