Friday, November 2, 2012

Tofu Cutlet

Never had this before - Tofu Cutlet.

Kind of an interesting product.  One of the issues with tofu is that it is very wet, and if you are going to stir fry it you typically need to drain and press out the liquid.  It takes a while, it is a little messy and it is not conducive to a quick meal.

So I picked up some Tofu Cutlet at L'Oriental, which is a local asian grocery.  Basically it appears to be pressed and deep fried tofu block.  Taste is somewhat bland (that's a surprise), however it is very easy to use - just cube, slice, whatever, and it is ready to go.

I used in in a stir fry - mushrooms and chinese mustard greens, with a hoisen sauce, with some buckwheat soba cooked and then tossed with.

At least I think they are chinese mustard greens.  I should of asked.  Peacock Tail mustard greens, I believe

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