Friday, September 14, 2012

Concannon Petite Sirah - 2008

Petite Sirah is not a wine I drink a lot of - it is not very common, often used to mix with other grapes.  Add's color, depth.

Purchased this bottle at local grocery store - they are closing it out at $5 a bottle - who could say no to that?

Color - very deep - almost blueberry red in color.  Dark

Scent - alcohol, some fruit, but not to much.

Taste - this is wine.  Very full in texture.  Sticks around in your mouth, but not in a bad way.  Somehow both very dry, with tannins, but also sweet.  Has acidity. Nothing to much.  Not a fruit bomb, not sugary.  This is not like Apothic, or Cupcake, or any of those current fruit bombs.

Recommendation - This wine is fine on the porch, but I think this big boy needs food - grilled food.  Burgers, chicken, lamb.  If I was grilling, I would definitely pull this out.  If you can find this sub $10, do not be afraid of picking it up.  At $5 - great deal.

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