Monday, September 17, 2012

Rice Palace - Not Ready for Prime Time

I love Thai food, and it is nice to have good Thai restaurants in both Eau Claire (Pad Thai) and Chippewa Falls (Mali Thai).  So I was looking forward to some great food at the newest Thai restaurant in Eau Claire - Rice Palace.  Unfortunately, I was very disappointed.

Setting was Friday evening, about 6pm.  Not very busy, but with a decent crowd with customers coming in and out.  The two of us ordered Tofu Pad Thai (mild) and Drunken Noodles with Pork (spicy).  Prices are very reasonable and the food was delivered to our table fast.  That was the only good thing about the meal.

Both items were very greasy - as in pooling oil on the plate greasy.

The Pad Thai had an overpower taste of anise - a common ingredient in Thai food, but not in Pad Thai, and it overpowered the dish.  It also appeared to be comprised largely of just noodles, tofu and sauce - no egg, no onion, no peanuts on the top, no cilantro, no bean sprouts.  I understand there are many ways to make this dish, but this was a bad way.

Drunken Noodles w/pork was good, if also pooling in oil.  Very spicy (which is how I ordered it, so points for getting that right)  I do suggest that you try medium first.

Noodles for both dishes were cooked appropriately, but Thai food should never be pooling in oil.  Never.

Rice Palace does have a limited beer selection

It was also one of the few times leftovers stayed on the plate and did not go home.

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