Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Those that come before us, Live on through us

If for you Food is made of Love, it is so because of those that came before you, who by there actions passed on their traditions, their love, their je ne sais quoiAn intangible quality that made them distinctive or attractive.

I am fortunate to have many people in my life for this is true.  Allegra Carlson, my fathers mother - with tables groaning with food on the farm, with seven vegetables and seven meats.  My parents, who sat us down in front of the black and white tv to watch every episode of the French Chef, then the next weekend make that same meal.

And there there was Andree Orsina, my mother in law.  Her love for cooking was recognized far more extensively than mine, or anyone I know personally.  She loved all food, from everywhere, and she had accumulated more knowledge and more willingness to invest her love in food for others than anyone I know.  Born in France, traveled the world, and then came to Wisconsin, where I was introduced to her through my beloved.

So on this day, I remember Meme - for she would not let any of her children call her anything else.  Thank you Meme.  Thank you for many things, including your gift of food made of love.

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