Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marriott restaurant to have Midwestern menu - What is that exactly?

From the Journal Sentinel -

Sometimes you have to love press releases run as news.  I get it, papers don't have the staff to do real reporting, but sometimes what gets printed is tres amusant.

The restaurant at the Marriott Hotel that's under construction downtown will go with a Midwest-oriented menu, the hotel and its operator announced Friday.

The restaurant will be called Milwaukee Cafe & Bar, and it's being developed by CZH Hospitality Group.

A Midwestern restaurant - what exactly is that?  Well, pretty much what you would expect....

The restaurant and bar is to include Wisconsin cheeses, local craft beers and Usinger's sausages on its menu, as well as fish from the Great Lakes.

That's right.  We need press coverage on a place that serves beer, brats and cheese.  Which makes it pretty much like every other "Midwestern" restaurant.....

But I was actually amused by the end of the press release, where the founder of the management group points out that he has...

...worked with Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton hotels, Commander's Palace in New Orleans and Tavern on the Green in New York.

That's right, the man that has brought the world great, classic restaurants such as the Four Seasons, Commander's Palace and Tavern on the Green is now down to selling brats and beer, just like the vendor at a Brewers game.  I don't know about you, but that amused me.

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