Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dad's Kitchen - What You Need to Make Meals Made of Love

Dad's Tool List for the Kitchen - this is the basics (no appliances) what you need.

There are often cheaper alternatives. Just don't go too cheap. I love high end Henckels, but if you need to spend less, don't waste your money on junk, buy all Victorinox with Fibrox handles. Can't afford (or steal from your father) Le Crueset? Tramontina is a good brand, less expensive. 

Do Not EVER put you knives in the sink or the dishwasher. Use them, hand wash them, hand dry them, put them away. Don't make me stage an intervention.

Don't buy sets of anything (other than place settings and silverware). Sets are filled with things you won't ever use. Better (generally) to buy just what you need.

You don't need that much (this comes from a man with darn near every piece of junk ever made). Don't waste your money filling your cupboards - buy good things. You will love them, use them, and ignore everything else. You don't even need everything on this list to produce a whole lot of meals made of love.  An 8" Kitchen knife, cutting board and a teflon fry pan will get you through most everything.

This also makes a great list for wedding gifts

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