Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fish House - Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Wine Review

Cleaning out the bin at Gordy's again - $12.49 retail, $5 clearance

And, much like the Steak House Red, a good deal at regular price, a great deal at clearance - I have several more in the wine celler (err, basement)

The concept with Fish House is that Magnificant Wines wants to produce relatively inexpensive wines that go great with food.  And this is very fine with food, and pretty good by itself.   88 points from both Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. is not your fathers sauvignon blanc.

Now I love sauvignon blanc for drinking and cooking.  It is a great, typically dry, white wine that is food perfect. Often a mineral taste, in addition to the fruit.

Fish House, at least the 2010 version, is a little unusual.  Tastes great - but boy it is like eating vegitables.  Fruity vegitables.  Now it is sometimes refered to as "grassy".  Or herbacious.  And yes, it is.  Kind of like a grass and herb and fruit salad.

Now that I have turned you off, go out and buy some.  It is good - different - but good.  If you like wine, and want something different than every other sauvignon blanc, this is very good.  If you want generic, but still ok, buy some Lindemanns or Barefoot.  A little more cash, Kenwood.  But for something very fine yet different, buy this.

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