Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New York Times Article Hating on Starbucks – as Stupid as it Gets

The gray lady as an article on competing with Starbucks in Seattle, and posits it as Starbucks v. the little guy.  “Struggling against the Starbucks Tide”

Now, there are plenty of reasons to not like Starbucks.  Terrible bakery, bad coffee.  But the article talks about one chain (Starbucks) out competing a second chain (Tully's)  Really?  This is your point?  One corporation beating another is worthy of this screed. Tully's is freaking world wide, and somehow we should care?  Tully's strategy was to open up next to a Starbucks.  And they lost.  This could be an article on stupid business decisions, but no, it try's to make you think it is the big bad Starbucks putting down another local coffee shop.


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