Saturday, October 13, 2012

Red Lobster Review - Pretty Good for a Chain

Sure, it is a chain. I think of Red Lobster somewhat like Texas Roadhouse - a themed chain restaurant that does what it does pretty well.  You would do better I am sure in a local place, but you get a consistent, good tasting meal at all the locations.  And for seafood in the midwest, very hard to do better.  Just don't order off the low priced options and expect to get the best meal.  

They have a limited selection of fresh seafood which can be very good. Not inexpensive. Great for a celebration dinner, as ours was.  We arrived early on a Friday (5 ish) - 10 minute wait - if you hold out till 6 or so, it is a 45 minute wait, so plan accordingly.  You can get a drink while waiting, but they don't have a bar area per se.

Dinner choices were the Pacific King Crab legs (off the fresh seafood menu), Maple Glazed Salmon and Shrimp, and the Steak Oscar, with Lobster and Shrimp.

All three dinners were prepared well, and were delicious.  I would say that they were just a bit overcooked - the steak ordered rare was served medium rare, the salmon was just a bit overcooked - you can tell when there is a little white "gunk" coming out of the fish - called albumen, it is a sure sign that it is overcooked.  But, it was still very tasty, and certainly not wrecked - just a little overdone.  Both the steak and the salmon were thin pieces, which are hard to cook correctly, although I suspect they overcook because most people don't really want rare steak or fish - even though they  should.

Conclusion - good place for a nice seafood dinner.  Especially if your in Wisconsin and most restaurants really don't have much of a selection after deep fried cod.  Link to Yelp Review Here

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