Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wendy's Bacon Portabella Burger - just say no

And when I say no, I mean hell no.  I mean do not pass go, I mean go straight to jail if you order it no.  Worse than a microwaved C-store burger no.  I mean please, for the love of all that is holy, no.

That picture - makes it look good compared to the taste.

Back story - I eat a fair amount of fast food - it goes with the territory - a lot of car travel, with a limited amount of time usually to shovel some food down before I have to go into a meeting.  So when I travel, even if it is fast food, I am willing to try something new in the hope that it will be decent.  And on the face of it, what's not to like?  Burger, Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms.  And I like Wendy's - I like the sea salt fries, I like the spicy chicken, I even like the baked potato and cup of chili.

I wish A Hamburger Today had warned me...

So one day off the interstate I stopped for gas and dinner before a night meeting.  I ordered the above.  Worst food I have had at a fast food restaurant in a long time. Now this is at 6 pm, so you would think they are moving food reasonably quickly.  

First off, the burger was bad.  Bad like a frozen slab nuked in a microwave bad.  Then overcooked bacon.  Add processed cheese and processed melted cheese.  With a few portabella mushrooms that tasted almost canned (they were the good part of the sandwich).  And the fries were both not fresh and over salted.  Four hours later that sandwich was still with me. A true, bad, gut bomb.  It's one thing to eat food that is not healthy - at least it could taste good.

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