Saturday, October 27, 2012

Parmasan Pasta with Sweet Potato, Spinach and Peas, with Fraboni's Chicken Sausage

Stupid long title.  But descriptive.  In addition, this an interesting, and good, recipe.  My version is a riff from this recipe. Not that I could make it exactly the same way.....My version has a lot more vegetables and less pasta.  Got to cut the carbs down.

I made the pasta dish, then served the Fraboni's Chicken Italian Sausage sliced on top.  That way it could be vegetarian for may daughter and not so vegetarian for my beloved and me.  Or I.  Whatever.

Basically I roasted sweet potatoes, nuked peas (lightly), boiled whole wheat pasta, cooked down some spinich, then tossed it all with balsamic vinegar and fresh grated parm.  Meanwhile I had cooked the sausage and then served the pasta with the sausage on top.



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